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Terms & Conditions
There are certain legal obligations associated with our terms of use. Prior to using this website, you’re supposed to read through the terms of use.

Terms of Use and necessary revisions

Mipalace.com shows you through this website for your benefit, and you’re supposed to follow our terms and conditions. Regardless of any qualification or limitation, you agree to follow our terms of use under all circumstances. Our website turns inaccessible for you once you fail to remain compliant as per the terms of use.

MIpalace may consider revising our Terms of Use without any liability or prior notice. This posting is updated by MIpalace from time to time. You may consider avoiding this platform in case any of its terms and conditions seem not acceptable to you. Such revisions will be assumed as accepted, in the event you continue to use this site after they’re committed.

Uses and Limitations

Keeping in mind our Terms of Use, regulations and laws that are applicable, you may use all services, features and information mentioned in our site, and read through them whenever you want. The content on our website cannot be used for various purposes that are non-personal, commercial and public. You’re also not allowed to involve another entity or individual for sublicensing, selling, transferring, broadcasting, publishing, distributing, disseminating, posting, and displaying the content of our site directly or indirectly. There are certain uses that are prohibited but not restricted to activities that are aimed to manipulate, summarize, re-organize, store and collect like database scraping and screen scraping; this includes all manipulations that are committed via manual processes or through automatic programs.

Any professional evaluation, assessment and advice is not supposed to get substituted by the information of our website; the content of our site is only meant for sharing information. Prior to making your selling and purchase decision, you’re advised to verify the ground realities and not merely depend on the content of our website.

The timeliness, completeness, relevancy, and accuracy of our content are in no way guaranteed by the sales people, brokers and franchisees of Mipalace.com.  Our prospective clients will bear the entire liability and risk of relying on our information. By signing in to our site you agree that the sales people, brokers and franchisees are in no way liable or responsible for damages or losses sustained by you.

Intellectual Property Rights

Mipalace.com and its licensors, sales people, brokers and franchisees have the authority to edit or delete its content under all circumstances; this includes all of its software besides its layout. Mipalace.com owns intellectual property rights that are created to protect the content and their various sections. Additional restrictions may be imposed on the content depicted in Mipalace.com; such content needs to be owned by Mipalace.com or any of its licensors, sales people, brokers and franchisees.

Intellectual properties, trade names, and trade-marks may often be depicted via phrases, titles, words, designs, icons, logos, graphics and names shown in our site. Such trade names, trade-marks and intellectual properties may belong to third parties, sales people, brokers and franchisees of Mipalace.com. Mipalace.com is solely owned by its sales people, brokers, and franchisees under all circumstances.

No rights and licenses are created or depicted by any third-party IP, Mipalace IP and Content displayed on this site. You agree and disclose that you don’t gain:

1. Any right of ownership attached with the Third Party IP. Mipalace IP or content depicted in this website.
2. The right to use the IP of a third party, IP of Mipalace and its content for generating business.
3. The right to convey, broadcast, publish, disseminate, post, display, distribute and reproduce a third party IP, IP belonging to Mipalace and its content.

It is strictly prohibited to utilize the IP of a third party, Mipalace IP and its content without taking the consent of Mipalace or an associated third party, licensor, sales person, broker, or franchisee.

Linking with websites belonging to third parties

In order to link your website with any of the third party websites, you’ll need to the following:

1. Mention the position and suggested appearance of a third party link, a description of the website features and its nature by way of a prior notice for Mipalace.
2. Obtain consent from Mipalace by following the conditions and terms of the website and create a third-party link by obtaining a written agreement from Mipalace in advance.

The consent of establishing a third party link is in the absolute and sole discretion of Mipalace with prior notice under all circumstances. Use of the Mipalace IP can be ceased and links to the external sites can be removed immediately once Mipalace exercises this right. In case you neglect or refuse a cessation of using IP or removal of links, then you actually agree with the risk of irreconcilable and immediate damage caused to Mipalace. You also agree that in the event of permanent and temporary injunctions, Mipalace owes some relief.

You may come across links that have been established with third party websites; content that you see in these sites can’t enforce any liability or responsibility upon Mipalace.

Password, Account and Registration

Subscriptions or registrations are often associated with different forms of website content. Providing current and accurate information about yourself is mandatory in the event you choose to subscribe or register for such content pieces. The subscription and registration processes will demand prompt updates of all such information as it’s important to maintain a complete and accurate profile.

You’ll share the responsibility of:

1. Ensuring the confidentiality of certain account identifiers (e.g. passwords) that you pick or get assigned following the process of subscription or registration; and
2. Activities that are performed using your password and account.

 You agree:

1. That Mipalace needs to be intimated about using your account and password in an unauthorized way; and
2. Once you’ve used this website, your account needs to be signed off and the browser needs to be closed immediately.
In case you fail to remain compliant with the Terms of Use section, you can’t consider Mipalace liable or responsible for damages or losses directly or indirectly.

Terms of Use

Content Supplied by Users:

Services that are provided by this website allow you and others to store, post, upload and submit content on it. It might not be possible for outsiders (or you) to visit such content pieces under certain circumstances.

You agree not to post and/or store any Content on the Website that:

1. Violates Legal rights of third parties by threats, harass, abuses, libels and defames;
2. Encourages, advocates or constitutes behavior that implies criminal offence or triggers violation of the Terms of Use, civic liability or is considered by Mipalace as something unlawful, inappropriate, offensive or objectionable.
3. Safeguarded by intellectual rights to property possessed by third parties without obtaining the consent of the right holder or owner;
4. Demands information regarding personal or financial situation of an user e.g. passwords;
5. Either develops any harmful component like viruses, or possesses harmful components like a virus;
6. Depicts any endorsement or affiliation belonging to Mipalace, their sales people, brokers or franchisees, or involves another entity or individual;
7. Gets involved in sales or other commercial activities through advertising or any other means;
8. Implies some kind of solicitation, pyramid schemes, chain letters, spams, junk mails, or promotional materials.

By way of your content presentations or communications, no ownership right needs to be asserted in any form; this includes unrestricted implied contracts, moral rights, unflair competitions, patent, trade-mark, or copyright. Content stored or posted in the website may be monitored, reviewed or investigated by Mipalace. Reports that reflect malicious nature or actions that are deemed illegal may be reported by Mipalace to law enforcement agencies. Under circumstances when an activity of illegal nature is spotted in the website, Mipalace will work hand in hand with the law enforcement agencies and cooperate with them through the different phases of investigation.


You agree and understand that:

1. You mustn’t assume the information presented in this website to be a kind of professional advice; the links and content shown in this website are meant for informational purposes only. When it comes to a real estate sale or purchase, you mustn’t take our words to be a form of warranty or guarantee.
2. All written or oral information and advice that you obtain from Miplace, its sales people, brokers or franchisees shouldn’t imply any form of warranty that’s not mentioned in our Terms of Use.

Limitation of Liability

You expressly agree and follow that under all circumstances Mipalace, its licensors, subsidiaries, affiliates, sales people, brokers and franchisees will be free from liabilities and responsibilities associated with the website regarding damages and losses arising out of a legal process, negligence or contract.

The fact that Mipalace is giving you an access to the links and content of their website on the basis of disclaimers, liability exclusions and limitations has to be expressly acknowledged by you during sign up. These disclaimers, liability exclusions and limitations are likely to continue and extend their reaches towards circumstances wherein your access gets suspended or terminated, a specific solution fails, a certain contractual purpose fails or any fundamental breach or breaches.


You express some warranty and representation that:

1. You have attained the age of majority within your residential jurisdiction.
2. The jurisdiction wherein your website is being used doesn’t consider using or accessing the website (or certain portions of it) to be illegal prohibited.
3. The website can be used in accordance with the authority provided by the Terms of Use and both for non-commercial or personal use.
4. You are competent enough to follow the Terms of Use and arrive at an agreement with Mipalace regarding the legal norms.
5. The third-party rights, contract rights, copyrights, trade-mark rights, publicity rights and privacy rights should not be violated by storing or posting of content on the website.

Changes in the Website

Various aspects of building a website may be terminated, suspended or changed by Mipalace for all reasons and without any liability or notice. It is in the sole discretion of Mipalace to protect its interests, rectify all omissions or errors found across various sections of the website under different circumstances and without prior notice.


The Website Privacy Policy needs to be followed regarding all of the personal information that is collected by Mipalace from time to time. Such information may either be incorporated within the website with reference to the Terms & Conditions or is available within www.mipalace.com.


In respect of various website uses, an agreement is established involving Mipalace and you through these Terms of Use. Such uses may include all or any of your links or content without any restriction. All written or oral agreements, representations and communications involving You, Mipalace, its licensors, sales people, brokers and franchisees get superseded by our terms of use. In the event you use links or content belonging to third parties or other users, a few more terms and conditions may come into effect.

Under certain circumstances, a few parts or sections of the Terms of Use page may be deemed unenforceable as per the jurisdictions of a competent court or invalid; the other sections of the terms of use page won’t be affected by it. Our terms of Use will continue to stay in full effect and force.

The terms of Use shall protect the interests of Mipalace and its affiliates, subsidiaries, sales people, brokers and franchisees. Without serving any prior notice, the rights and duties of Mipalace may be assigned under the terms of use.  According to our Terms of Use, no entity or individual should have your duties and rights assigned to them under all circumstances.


You must agree that it is in the sole discretion of Mipalace to terminate or suspend:

1.    Your website access or usage involving links or content pieces without restriction; or
2.    Any of the subscriptions or registrations that you have with our site.

Content associated with your website usage may be discarded or removed on termination or suspension. Links that are maintained between your website and other sites should be discarded. You must also agree that due to such termination or suspension, Mipalace won’t have any liability towards you or different other entities or individuals.